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The Nike Free Run 4.0 offers breathability and usual motion


The running shoe, nike free run 4.0 characterizes a faultless mesh upper along with deep loosen grooves for ventilated comfort and supple over any distance. The merits of this version are many. It is one-piece, flawless mesh with artificial overlays for breathability and lightweight support. The Phylite midsole that is continuing enough is to double as an outsole for cushioning and enduring. It also offers deep diamond-figured flex grooves for supple and a usual feel. The outsole rubber in high-wear zones for toughness is introduced.

behind the Origins of Nike Free

Data revealed the fact that the athletes of Stanford used to go for training barefoot on the golf course of university. There were three of the most creative employees of Nike that dealt with developing a shoe to be usual, weightless and same to barefoot. During the year of 2002, they evaluated a group of individuals including men and women. The evaluation includes the measurement of pressure on insoles tied to the feet. The high-speed cameras are applied to detain the images of movement of each foot. The team passed the eight years while examining the biomechanics of shoeless running. The outcomes produced a profound interpretation of the natural landing angle of foot. It also integrates the pressure and toe position while permitting the Nike designers to make an unconventional and supple running shoe.