Oyster x Nike Free Run Shoot

We like the brand new Nike Free 3.0 V5 Men so much in fact we made a decision to ask our friends using the best legs to chuck them on and chill within the street. We invited our favourite up-and-coming photographers, Zac Handley, to shoot the Free Run 3 and 3s.0s actually in operation.

Big ups to Kyle, the token ‘male model’, to get into character and jumping spanning a fence while shirtless (it had been his idea to consider his shirt off, so you understand). Meanwhile, Maggie cruised around becoming an all-around babe on the bike. Hayley had just gotten a new ‘who cares’ tattoo the night before just above a stick-and-poke heart on her ankle that Kyle gave her a few years ago using an electric toothbrush and a biro nicked from Coles coincidentally. Red hot.

Nike Free 3.0 V6 literally cause you to feel like you’re running barefoot (in case your feet were really, really squishy). They may have these mesh bits (similar to a Reef sandal) meaning the feet don’t get all hot ‘n’ sweaty when you’re legging it. This magical technology called ‘Dynamic Fit’, meaning they mould for your foot. Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all, as Ned Flanders would say!

Not only can the Free Runs cause you to run 10 times faster*, however the colours (bright neons and pastels) and reflective details mean they’re also super hashtag fashion.

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