The relationship between the Victorian Jersey and modern football jersey

During the year, 1863, the first football association was made. In those primary years, football players did not have any dressing code. The players of opposite team were not needed to put on team uniform that differentiated the rival players between them. After Rugby was divided from football, they framed the first set of codes for the uniform of football. During the year of 1870, the first football clothing was framed and first football jersey arrived during the year of 1879.

The football jersey was manufactured from thick cotton fiber to survive the heavy pulling among the players when the match goes on. The color code was presented to differentiate from the players to players of two opposite teams. Steadily, the material of football shirt was altered between cotton and nylon. It also took place from cotton to nylon. New technology as well as the enhancement of demand from the devotees makes the producers produce the football jerseys in a massive scale.

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