San Francisco Gears Up for your 12th annual Nike Women’s Half Marathon

This Sunday in San Francisco, the town from the Bay’s picturesque charms is going to be animated by live music, a drum troupe, cheerleaders – as well as an estimated 25,000 women. The item from the 12th annual Nike Women’s Half Marathon, the ebullient crowd will blanket the race course, that has been planned around a few of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, to assist motivate every degree of runner to accomplish her personal best. Zigzagging from urban center to verdant parkland to glittering waterfront, the race provides a powerful adrenaline charge beyond the passive thrills of riding a cable car.

Annually within the making, the exhilarating 13.1-mile route originates at bustling Union Square. It weaves with the tech-buzzy Tenderloin, flits from the painted ladies of Alamo Square and skirts above Haight-Ashbury. In the 3.5-mile point, runners will enter Golden Gate Park, using its lyrical lake and botanical gardens. Heading north, they are going to ascend the leafy Presidio, glide from the Golden Gate sprint and Bridge for the finish in the scenic Marina Green.

Challenges athletes to test their strength and endurance, says Molly Paterno, West Brand Manager, Nike Running, though this is about providing runners with a uniquely designed experience that not only shows off the diverse neighborhoods of the city. This being San Francisco, hilly terrain can be predicted. It’s a dynamic journey that builds to some crescendo, encouraging runners to go out of everything around the course and complete on empty.

That dramatic escalation occurs at mile nine, where contenders will face a demanding incline because they go into the Presidio. The terrain eventually levels out so participants can place it all at risk for your finish. The course was created to provide runners a lift prior to the finish line, providing a chance for these to achieve their fastest mile from the race in this final stretch, explains Paterno. However the course design alone wo not get runners there; it’s the training and preparation that can help them conquer the course. What this means is a varied workout schedule of cross and running-training. That’s where Nike’s training tools, such as the NIKE apps, Nike mobile race companion and live sessions with Nike expert trainers and coaches may have benefited runners.

This year’s event is definitely the 12th annual race in San Francisco. One of the primary variances within the course is definitely the final leg, which finishes at Marina Green. From 2004 to 2013, the race concluded at Ocean Beach, a windier and much more remote location. The Union Square starting place can also be noteworthy. It’s the only real race that kicks off within the heart from the city’s central district, says Terry Davis, Founder and CEO of Tri-California Events, that has provided race-directing services for 11 consecutive years.

San Francisco is really a city where every block tells a brand new story, a notion echoed within this inspiring course. It blends natural majesty, cultural diversity and grueling altitude, climbing to approximately 300 feet in areas. Yet, the payoff is sweet. Finishing with views from the Golden Gate Alcatraz and Bridge Island are breathtaking, promises Paterno. For further details, visit

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