The Science Of Success

Brasilian pole vaulter Fabiana Murer joined the ranks from the world’s best vaulters in June 2008, having a mark of 4.80 meters. Eight years, 30 days later, Murer rose another .07 meters, hitting 4.87 meters, and claimed 2016′s top vault.Born March 16, Murer continues to be competing around the international circuit since she had been a teenager.
She took gold in the 2011 IAAF World Championships, silver this past year in Beijing and is also a 3-time winner from the South American Games. Is filled with complexities,Nike Free Runs even though despite her success, Murer’s objective remains ascendance, a goal made possible through mastery of technique.As Murer’s story suggests, a pole vaulter trains over a lifetime for an action that takes just seconds to complete. Pole in hand, she increases her energy of motion, known as kinetic energy.
When she arrives at her takeoff point, she jabs her pole into the ground, where it bends at nearly a 90-degree angle, as Murer sprints along the runway. That transfers her energy into elastic potential energy as she’s lifted in to the air.Because the pole starts to straighten back to a vertical position, it releases the stored elastic energy. This pushes Murer higher and higher over the ground, transferring the elastic energy from your pole returning to her by means of gravitational potential energy. This is actually the force that carries Murer forward, feet first, on the bar. Ray Ban Outlet

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