I want to start by stating the most important aspect of cleaning suede shoes. Suede and water do NOT mix. Despite the claims that Jason Markk is safe for cleaning all shoe materials, you’ll want to avoid getting liquid anywhere near suede. Once suede has gotten wet, it is extremely difficult to recover the natural nap of the suede, and the strands tend to stay matted down, leaving what appears to be discoloration in the material. As a result, it’s always best to try to clean suede shoes by utilizing a simple brush and eraser combination. There are also a couple products that can be used to do preventative care against dirt and water exposure.

If the shoes you want to clean have been worn a handful of times, or have subjected to a dusty environment, I usually start by softly brushing the entirety of the shoe with a soft-bristled suede brush. This helps remove any dirt and dust that could have accumulated on the shoe, while also helping to determine where any tougher dirt/stain spots may have stuck into the nap of the suede. If your brush is really dirty after this step, make sure to clean it before moving on to prevent rubbing the dirt back into the suede.

Once you’ve identified areas that need a bit more care, grab your suede/nubuck eraser. Use the eraser to lightly brush the dirty area back and forth. Don’t rub too hard, as you can damage the suede with excess friction. The porous eraser should begin to pull up dirt/dust from the suede. After a few seconds of brushing using the eraser, grab your bristled brush again, and brush the cleaned area to revive the nap of the suede. If there is still dirt present, give it another go with the eraser, followed by the brush free run sale

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