the consideration of usual movement


Hexagonal loosen channels along with a rounded, anatomical heel blend with final suppleness while permitting the foot to move usually. The strengthening of abrasion-resistant rubber outsole strengthens the durability in high-wear zones. The internal heel counter makes the controlling foot motion. The rounded heel promotes the usual movement. The developed technology of Nike free running shoes permits the runners to be more scientific with their workouts. These must direct the enhanced merits from workouts and finally better performance as the runners. This must direct the enhanced merits from workouts and it is finally better performance as the runners. The technology must continue developing as the time passes. The more advanced creations take place and these simulate usual movement of the feet. Sequentially, it continues improving the performance of the runner. Nike continues searching new and creative paths to improve the superior athletic products. There are the innovative processes to communicate directly with Nike consumers. Nike Free 3.0 V4 offers the entire package of cushioning, directional strength for whole lockdown.

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