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Nike Free 5.0 First Impressions

My set of Nike Free 5.0 V4 is available in bright blue and florescent yellow, creating a striking impression from the box. The shoe retains the lower of the Free Run 3 while introducing updates in the upper. That is my immediate impression. The most apparent upper update is the development of Dynamic Flywire within the midfoot lacing system.

The Free 5.0 is very unstructured and flexible as expected. I could roll the shoe up right into a ball, and twist it almost completely around. It does mean the shoe will not provide any structure for a flexible foot, even though of course, no one’s foot bends that much. The heel counter can also be very unstructured and flexible, depending on an overlay that appears such as the strap of the Huarache sandal to keep the heel down.

It is not true to size. That is the one drawback to the shoe. Comparing it along with other shoes of the identical size, the Free 5.0 seems like it runs a minimum of a complete size, and perhaps a full-sized along with a half, shorter.Nike Free 5.0 – TopTo give a sense of just how much shorter it really is, I took a photograph from the Free 5.0 side-by-side using the Pegasus 30both are size 10. I could not run more than four or so miles in the Free 5.0 during any one run, even though I felt I could easily do more if it were properly sized, because it is so short.

I was thinking maybe Nike intentionally made the Free 5.0 shorter to permit a person to run inside them without socks. So, because the upper is not seamless enough, I ended up with blisters, although i did one run sockless. For me personally, the sizing from the Free 5.0 is just bewildering.